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50 Great Marketing Books

50 Great Marketing Books

No matter what type of business you’re in (or what type you want to start), you’ll need marketing skills. And given today’s media savvy consumer, you’ll most likely need to combine internet marketing with more traditional strategies. Fortunately there are a plethora of resources designed for every type of business. Whether you’re itching to start your dream company or don’t even know quite yet what your dream company is. Even if you’ve got an established, successful company already, there is a book out there for you. Learn from the pros about how to jump-start a small business or take your big business in a different direction. Learn about metrics and affiliate marketing. There is even a book about marketing like the Grateful Dead. So whether you want to follow the rules or break them, let the experts be your guide and check out some of the books below.

Marketing Management


Marketing Management: The Big Picture by Christine L. Nordheilm

This book uses a different approach to management than the traditional one in an attempt to create better alignment of marketing strategies.

Brand Management 101: 101 Lessons From Real-World Marketing by Mainak Dhar

Just how, exactly, do you make a consumer fall in love with your product? Part of the answer lies in branding, in the indelible linkage of product and packaging.


Kellogg on Branding: The Marketing Faculty of the Kellogg School of Management by Tim Calkins, Alice Tybout, Philo Kotler

Straight from the experts comes advice on how to create, manage, leverage, and even save a brand. They offer advice about package design and concept as well.


Preface to Marketing Management by J. Paul Peter and Jr, James Donelly

Teaches the basics of marketing management with the use of detailed and salient case studies. This book is perfect for the beginner or student.


Airline Marketing and Management by Stephen Shaw

From the implications of terrorism to the economic slowdown, this book helps apply marketing strategies to the tough airline industry.


Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Market Performance 2nd Edition by Paul W. Farris, Neil T. Bendle, Phillip E. Pfeifer, and David J. ReibsteinPaul W. Ferris, Neil T. Bendle, Philip E. Pfeifer, and David J. Reibstein

Opens up what can be the mysterious world of marketing metrics and helps business leaders understand what metrics are and why they are so important to success.


Marketing Management (13th Edition) by Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller

Not for the feint of heart, this book challenges readers to apply practical knowledge and truly earn their success.


The Product Managers Desk Reference by Steven Haines

Takes the reader from the inception stages of creating a product and a plan to market it, all the way through the product’s introduction.


Global Marketing Management by Masaaki Kotabi and Kristiaan Helsen

From managerial techniques, to recent business developments and beyond, this readable and enjoyable book is a hit for those whose aim is global marketing.


Marketing Strategy


The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly, 2nd Edition by David Meerman Scott

This book helps to tie together the sometimes overwhelming world of online marketing. Learning to integrate social media, blogs, pod casts, and all the other new media out there can be daunting, but this book helps readers figure it out.


Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide by John Jantsch

This books teaches the small business owner how to obtain and retain the right kind of clients. It also gives them techniques for seeming more likeable and trustworthy.


Guerrilla Marketing, 4th Edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits From Your Small Business by Jay Conrad Levinson

Comprehensive book that teaches small business owners how to use today’s media to their advantage, without spending a bundle.


Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking, Revised Edition by Andy Sernovitz

The concepts in these books might seem basic, but they are some of the most important in business. For example, happy customers will talk, unhappy customers will give you an opportunity to grow and learn.


Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs (New Rules Social Media Series) by Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah, and David Meerman Scott

With the advent of DVR, Tivo, spam filters, the do not call registry, and other anti-marketing devices, this book teaches marketers how to use new media, like Google and Facebook to reach their customers.


The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcom Gladwell

This bestselling book is aimed at helping marketing experts understand how to create that moment when a well timed push can turn a product into the next big thing.


Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends and Friends Into Customers by Seth Godin

There’s no question that consumers today are inundated with advertising, so much so that they’ve begun to ignore it. Godin teaches readers to toss out the marketing clutter and get customers to want to find out more about your product.


Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day by Dave Evans and Susan Bratton

Comprehensive and perfectly paced, this social media “how to” will teach you not only how to use Facebook, blogs, RSS feeds, and all the rest, but also how to justify the cost to your boss or clients.


Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

This well-written, conversational book will help you understand why some marketing strategies become legendary and others are lost to the ages.


Outsmart the MBA Clones: The Alternative Guide to Competitive Strategy, Marketing and Branding by Dan Herman

Written with an accessible style, this book challenges old models and presents the reader with new ways of thinking about everything from competitive advantage to customer segmentation.


Marketing in the Age of Google: Your Online Strategy IS Your Business Strategy by Vanessa Fox

Former Google employee Vanessa Fox deconstructs and explains search marketing in a way that makes it accessible and a viable option for marketing.


Recession Storming: Thriving in Downturns Through Superior Marketing, Pricing and Product Strategies by Rupert M. Hart

Offers strategies beyond the knee-jerk, cost cutting reaction to recessions like offering recession-specific products.


Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kin and Renee Mauborgne

Utilizes six strategies, including reconstructing market boundaries and overcoming organizational hurdles, that can take your company to the blue ocean.


Marketing Lessons From the Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn From the Most Iconic Band in History by David Meerman Scott, Brian Halligan, and Bill Walton

They gave away “freemium” content and encouraged fans to record concerts. Find out how breaking all the rules can make you a big success.


Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content by Mark Levy

Learn how to silence your internal editor and get the bright ideas flowing. This book will help you stretch the boundaries of problem solving and grow your business with wild ideas.


Market Research

Marketing Research by David A. Aaker, V. Kumar, George S. Day, and Robert Leone

Shows budding marketing mangers and researchers when they should be using research and what kinds of research are the most effective.


Marketing Research With SPSS by Carl D. McDaniel and Roger Gates

This book brings market research out of the clouds and down to Earth in with an accessible and approachable read. By combining a theory with good examples, McDaniel and Gates provide a step by step guide to effective market research.


Strategic Market Research: A guide to Conducting Research That Drives Businesses by Anne E. Beal

Market research is so much more than stats, this book helps you determine which are the right questions to ask and how to factor human psychology into the answers.


Data-Driven Marketing: The 15 Metrics Everyone in Marketing Should Know by Mark Jeffery

Offering case studies to prove these metrics work, this book takes research to a new level and helps managers make better decisions and create new markets.

The Market Research Toolbox: A Concise Guide for Beginners, 2nd Edition by Prof. Edward F. McQuarrie

This book minces no words as it explains what tools are appropriate for which jobs and even explains the limitations of market research.


Doing Anthropology in Consumer Research by Patricia L. Sunderland and Rita M. Denny

For those serious about consumer research, this book is a must read. This book proves that anthropology and market research go hand in hand and that, in fact studying both disciplines will drastically improve consumer research success.


Introduction to Marketing

Principals of Marketing, 13th Edition by Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong

Presents the basics in an easily understandable format for beginning students of marketing.


Marketing by Steven William Heartly

Aimed at beginners this book offers advice on topics like naming your brand and addressing customers in advertising copy.


The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: Violate Them at Your Own Risk by Al Ries and Jack Trout

This book’s authors have spent 25 years in the business as marketing strategists. Here, they share their knowledge and offer the 22 laws they’ve found are necessary for successful marketing.


Marketing for Dummies by Alexander Haim

A helpful, basic marketing book that offers words of wisdom and shows beginners how to avoid common pitfalls.


How to Create an Unstoppable Sales Machine: An Introduction to Fusion Marketing by Christopher J. Ryan

Gives you the tools to succeed in business to business marketing, by aligning sales and marketing departments, determining the best model for your business, and much more.


Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Methods Revealed: The Complete Guide to Becoming an Internet Marketing Expert by Miguel Todaro

Tested and proven techniques to mastering SEO, becoming the top name on a Google search, and successfully developing eCommerce.

eBoot Camp: Proven Internet Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business by Corey Perlman

Use these low-cost and effective methods for growing your business online. This book is perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Web Marketing All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies by John Arnold, Ian Lurie, Marty Dickenson, and Elizabeth Marsten

Learn to effectively use blogs, email, and social media all while pleasing search engines.


Internet Marketing From the Real Experts by The Gang of 88, Shaw Collins, and Missy Ward

Learn from those who practice what they preach in this book presented by the top blog, pod cast, video, search engine, and social media gurus in the biz.


Internet Riches: The Simple Money Making Secrets of Online Millionaires by Scott C. Fox

In examining the success of those who’ve gone before him, Fox is able to simultaneously inspire and instruct readers. He gives them advice on starting an internet business from the ground up, even if they have no idea what kind of business they want.


How to Use the Internet to Advertise, Promote, and Market Your Business Website With Little or No Money by Bruce C. Brown

A great reference for anyone starting out or needing a refresher course in internet marketing. This book compiles all the useful information on and about the web into one user friendly guide.


The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web: How to Use and Profit From Affiliate Marketing Programs by Bruce C. Brown

This book teaches readers how to take advantage of this uniquely web-based marketing strategy. Readers will also learn to use well crafted advertising plans, and maximize the relationship between their website and search engines.


Mastering Niche Marketing: A Definitive Guide to Profiting From Ideas in a Competitive Market by Eric V. Van Der Hope, Shawn Casey, and Nu-Image Design

Niche Marketing is perfect for the small business owner and entrepreneur. Learn how to effectively corner the market in your niche.


The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue by Shama Kabani and Chris Brogan

Find out how to become part of the conversation already happening online. Read tips from those already tapped into the success building machine that is social media and find out the secret to making all happen effortlessly.


Mastering Online Marketing: 12 Keys to Transform Your Website into a Sales Powerhouse by Mitch Meyerson, Mary Eule Scarborough

Need to turn visitors into buyers? This book has the step-by-step guide to making that happen.


Marketing in the Moment: The Practical Guide to Using Web 3.0 Marketing to Reach Your Customers First by Michael Scott Tasner

Be on the forefront of new platforms, like SecondLife and Twitter and find out how to reach customers with innovative and groundbreaking techniques.


Search Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing by Kristopher B. Jones

Had enough words? This book teaches with screenshots of over 140 SEO techniques including, using Digg and StumbleUpon, and using Google analytics.


Make a Fortune Promoting Other People’s Stuff Online: How Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Rich by Rosalind Gardner

This book provides a five-step plan for finding a niche with a built in market and learning how to effectively promote and sell other people’s products.


31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles by Tracy Repchuk, InnerSerf International, and David Repchuck

Learn to avoid the biggest mistake on the web and find out which websites can help you make millions.


The Findability Formula: The Easy, Non-Technical Approach to Search Engine Marketing by Heather Lutze

Visibility is crucial to success in business, and today visibility on the web is more important than ever. Find out which words will put your business front and center.

Now that you’ve perused these top 50 marketing marvels, perhaps you’ve found one that fits your needs and are ready to get a jump on your future. Remember there are no right answers, just helpful nudges from those who’ve walked in your shoes, probably failed a few times, eventually succeeded, and lived to write about it.