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About us

Facedelity is all above the most comprehensive source of banking, financial services industry intelligence on the web. Facedelity presents users with a range of useful information on banking services in current finance market, including authentic reviews by other users and a comparison of the products, services, cost of service offers available at the most competitive banks, finance firms. 

Futher Facedelity provides its users with information on current products and services of investment companies and venture capital firms, as well angel investor, investment funds, start-up incubators. Facedelity critically reviews and rates millions of products and services of those for the benefit of other companies, consumers and households.

Facedelity is at the same time, a P2P (peer-to-peer) lending website and a plattform of banking credit and financing offer. Facedelity provides financial, banking-related advertisements (advertisers) one of most productive platforms and solutions to their online marketing campaigns; a platform to place national and international profile. Our clients and partners include both banks, financial companies and media agencies, online marketing services and website owners (publishers).

Long-term Facedelity will create a new business model for bankinh industry and financial services, what we call OBFA model (Online Bank & Finance Agency); with services just like service model for travel, hotel and airline tickets (Online Travel Angency), which there are some well-known sites like Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity.

With the help of independent assessment committee, expertise from an advisory board Facedelity conducts most accurate comparison and price information of hundreds of other websites. Facedelity claims to be the most impartial advisor on the web. Our website is for millions of corporation, consumer and household not only in major European, Asian markets but also in a global context in national language versions available.


User guide

You can register free and easily as individuals user. That is simply to create user account like of Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo ! Messenger. As soon as your Facedelity account has been activated (this usually only takes a few minutes), you can start to actively participate in Facedelity. Participating in Facedelity costs you nothing and is completely obligation-free. For companies we have many special Facedelity Apps for Business which you can get free trial to try first.