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Bank head bemoans inequity

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank managing director Mike Hirst has told investors Australia’s financial sector is an uneven playing field. Speaking at the company’s Anual General Meeting in Bendigo this week, Mr Hirst welcomed the Federal Government’s financial services inquiry.

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This Singapore misfit is now kickstarting Australia’s space industry

Reclaiming his childhood Lim put his dream aside because he found it impossible to achieve in Singapore. “And like most Singaporeans who didn’t do well, I came to Australia to study,” he says, since Australian universities are easier to get into compared to Singapore’s top institutions.

Printing the future for Keech

Keech Australia has launched a new subsidiary company, with unparallelled 3D advanced manufacturing technology in the region. Keech 3D Advanced Manufacturing is leading the pack in regional Victoria, with the region’s largest 3D format printer.